Ảnh Lữ
Character Information
Allegiance: An Nam
Master: Nguyễn Bảo
GEM: Infinite Wisdom Azurite
Age: c. 20
Known relations: Nguyễn Bảo (father)

Ảnh Lữ (Japanese: アイン・ルー, Ain Rū) is a Meister Otome in the Mai-Otome anime and Mai-Otome Zwei OVA, voiced by Ryoko Shintani.

She is the daughter and Meister of the king of An Nam Nguyễn Bảo and serves alongside Meisters Haruka Armitage (from Aries) and Carla Bellini (of Lutesia Romulus) during the battle to reclaim Garderobe and Windbloom from forces loyal to Artai's leader Nagi Daí Artai. Her GEM is the Infinite Wisdom Azurite (慧命の藍銅鉱, Emyō no Randōkō).

She is one of the older Meisters in the series, behind Maria Graceburt and possibly Yukariko Steinberg. Material additional to the anime depicts her as a Coral student, with Haruka and Shizuru Viola as Pearls, as well as possibly serving as Ảnh's room attendants.

She is notorious for her not being able to withstand the perils of drink and is seen creating havoc at the Strategic Otome Limitation Talks Otome bath session whilst in her cups. She is again portrayed in drink after the defeat of Yuna and her Childs in An Nam, much to the concern of a fellow Otome.