Akane Higurashi
Character Information
Age: 16
Birthdate: September 7
Height: 156 cm (5' 1.2")
Weight: 44 kg (96.8 lbs.)
Blood type: A
B/W/H: 82/52/83
Child: Hari
Element: A pair of tonfa

Akane Higurashi (日暮あかね, Higurashi Akane) is a character from Mai-HiME. In the alternate universe sequel Mai-Otome, a character appears with the same design, known as Akane Soir. She is voiced by Junko Iwao in Japanese and Morgan Partridge.

A shy coworker of series protagonist Mai Tokiha at the Linden Baum restaurant, Akane is the lover of Kazuya "Kazu" Kurauchi.

Akane attends the Fuuka Academy, where she is in the first year of high school, in class 1B (the same class as Natsuki Kuga). She can occasionally be seen happily texting Kazuya at her desk. She is also a HiME, wielding the Child Hari (Harry) and, for her Element, a pair of tonfas.

She is quite an unlucky character, hurrying to board a bus (where she meets Sawada-sensei) which proceeds to crash due to the machinations of a Searrs Foundation Orphan summoned by Miyu Greer (around whom Akane is visibly uneasy). Later, she resolves to deepen her relationship with Kazu, meeting him in a bamboo woodland, in order to reveal to him that she is a HiME, only to be accosted by Miyu, claiming that she is being pursued by an Orphan which Akane defeated upon accepting her powers. However, once Akane and Hari defeat the Orphan, Miyu thanks her for allowing her to collect such good information before dispatching Hari. This causes Akane to panic, fearing for her life (remembering what the mysterious Nagi Homura told her when she faced the Orphan and accepted Hari - "you will have to risk that which is most precious to you"), but finding to her horror that it was not her life which was taken but Kazu's. This is all the more tragic as, contrary to her expectations, Kazu accepted her, even after she materialised before him.

Thereafter, she is seen in a psychotic state, at first in a First District facility before being rescued by Yamada on the orders of Natsuki and taken to a normal hospital. It is through her that Natsuki - and, subsequently, the other HiMEs - discover the true meaning behind Nagi's ambiguous phrase. Her nonattendance at school, coupled with Kazu's absence, leads to rumours that the pair had eloped (both appear to have been having problems at home).

She returns to her old self at the end of the anime, when Mashiro Kazahana causes the "deceased" Most Important People to reappear. She joins the other HiMEs in their mission to destroy the HiME Star and Obsidian Lord, before she returns to school, still very much in love with Kazu.