Akira Okuzaki
Character Information
Age: 12
Birthdate: May 12
Height: 149 cm (' ")
Weight: 38 kg (83.6 lbs)
Blood type: AB
B/W/H: 79/53/69
Child: Gennai
Element: Kunai

Akira Okuzaki is a character in Mai-HiME and Mai-Otome.

Akira is introduced as a talented artist and roommate of Takumi Tokiha. Akira is regarded as the school's number one cute boy (causing the likes of Yayoi Ota and Aoi Senoh to swoon at the thought of his in-room antics with "rising star" Takumi). Her relationship with Takumi starts off somewhat coldly, with Akira castigating Takumi's homemaker traits and installing a curtain and line to separate each's side of their room, before warming later, with Akira's somewhat physical approval of Takumi's burgeoning independent streak. With Takumi, she is often found in the company of Student Council Vice-President Reito Kanzaki.

However, it is revealed that Akira is a HiME (and, as such, female), wielding as an Element a twin-bladed Kunai and the Child Gennai, a giant toad. The reason for her masquerading as a somewhat overly macho boy was an information gathering mission on all things HiME from her father, the head of the Okuzaki clan. Gennai's first appearance is to fight an Orphan which threatened Takumi, who had been baking a cake and had sent Akira out to buy icing sugar, with Akira receiving a wound in the ensuing combat. When Takumi spies Akira, Akira claims to be "a secret ninja who's been protecting the school," becoming uncomfortable when Takumi refers to this occurrence at later points. This appearance by Gennai was notable in respect to Akira's use of a summoning incantation.

Akira and Gennai, along with Sister Yukariko, play a leading role in the defeat of the "vampire" that was plaguing the school.

The "secret ninja" later appears during the Searrs Foundation's raid on Fuuka Academy, after Akira leaves the gymnasium, ostensibly to scout out the school. Attending the HiME's conference with Mashiro Kazahana and Fumi Himeno at Kokuyouguu in secret, Akira is accosted by the mysterious Nagi Homura and apparently co-opted into alerting the Student Council (who are being held in the council room) as to a route for a possible escape, which is led by Reito Kanzaki.

Shortly after this, Takumi inadvertantly uncovers Akira's true gender when he bursts into her drying herself, a circumstance which obliges Akira to kill Takumi. However, she cannot bring herself to slay the boy who, by now, is the object of her ardour and instead helps him consume his medication when Takumi experiences an episode of his illness. Takumi also discovers Akira's drawing books, which are filled with sketches of him.

When Takumi is hospitalised, Akira visits him and discovers one evening that he has fallen into the clutches of the HiME Nao Yuuki, smarting from an injury sustained in battle with Natsuki Kuga (at which Takumi's sister Mai was present), and summons Gennai in order to facilitate their escape. However, using webbing produced from her Element, Nao manages to track the pair to a wood. Further escape attempts prove futile, as Akira and his companions have fallen under an illusion cast by Sister Yukariko's Child St. Vlas (under the direction of Akira's art mentor Wataru Ishigami). They are further assailed by the mysterious Child Yatagarasu, which works for a ghostly HiME seemingly hell bent on injuring Mai, as well as Mikoto Minagi, who interferes ostensibly on Mai's behalf. Gennai is destroyed attempting to flee, causing Takumi to disappear. Gennai's defeat is blamed by Mai, who is by now at the scene, on Mikoto and she summons Kagutsuchi, who goes into beserk mode (albeit opposed by the hydra-like Child Kiyohime, belonging to another shadowy HiME later revealed as Shizuru Fujino, the Student Council President). However, the true culprit for Gennai's demise and Takumi's translation to Kokuyouguu is Yatagarasu, later revealed as the child of Shiho Munakata, now Mai's enemy and rival for the affections of Yuuichi Tate.

Akira's fate after the defeat of her Child is a dark one. She is returned to her father, who keeps her imprisoned for revealing her true identity. However, with Mashiro Kazahana's resetting of the HiME Carnival, Takumi returns to life (in Akira's place of confinement). Akira later accompanies her lover when he sets off for the USA for corrective surgery on his condition, and is seen at his bedside in more feminine dress, albeit still peeling an apple with considerabe effectiveness.

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