Aries Republic
Nation Information
System of Government: Democracy
Head of State: President Yukino Chrysant (anime)
President Saeko Kruger (manga)
Seat of Government: The Hexagon

The Republic of Aries is a nation-state on the planet Earl in Mai-Otome. It is governed in the Mai-Otome anime by President Yukino Chrysant and in the manga by President Saeko Kruger.

It is the only democracy in the Mai-Otome setting and has regular presidential elections. In the second episode of Mai-Otome Zwei, President Chrysant is on the campaign trail against her election rival Wattarl Ishigermin, who is later replaced as candidate by his erstwhile fiancée Tomoe Marguerite.

Other denizens of Aries include the irrepressible Brigadier General Haruka Armitage, Irina Woods, Natsuki Kruger and her younger sister Alyssa (in the manga). Chie Hallard is seen serving in the Aries military in Zwei.

The Government Office, known as the "Hexagon", is located in an artificial lake. Other locations in Aries include Desperate Jail, wherein former Grand Duke Nagi Daí Artai of Artai was held following his arrest. Aries also has an extensive seacoast and rough terrain. A military base, Albright Base, was destroyed by the actions of Nagi, before being rebuilt. The military's flagship is known as the Suzushiro.

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