Bel Glan Artai.

Bel Glan Artai (born c. A.R. 285) is a minor character in the OVA Mai-Otome 0~S.ifr~. He is voiced by Akira Ishida.

He ruled Artai during the events depicted in the series, though he appears to have paid more attention to women than to affairs of state, amassing a total of six wives and children numbering into double figures. His death resulted in a power struggle which was only ended with the rise to power of Nagi Daí Artai, presumably his son. A throwaway comment by his successor suggests that many of his sons followed in Bel's footsteps, marrying poorly, causing Nagi to suggest that he should have ordered his amenuensis Sergay Wáng to assassinate them as well as their husbands.

Bel's Otome was Sakura Hazakura, a princess of Taiyuan, a nation presumably allied with Artai at the time. Bel was impressed after the pair watch Sakura's former underclassman Lena Sayers dispatch four of the Five Columns, with Bel suggesting Sakura introduce him to Lena.

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