Carla Bellini
Character Information
Allegiance: Lutesia Romulus
Master: King of Lutesia Romulus
GEM: Rumbling Thunder Garnet
Age: c. 18

Carla Bellini (Japanese: カーラ・ベリーニ, Kāra Berīni) is a Meister Otome in the Mai-Otome anime. The character is voiced by Kiyomi Asai.

Carla is noteworthy as she participates in the first battle between Otomes ostensibly since the War of the Dragon King 50 years ago (actually since Lena Sayers' defeat of four of the Five Columns approximately 25 years beforehand) when she took on Laula Bianchi of the rival state of Lutesia Remus at the border after a Schwartz trial of new Slave technology sparked mutual fears of an incursion. Ironically (and highlighting the cruelty of the Otome system), Carla and Laula appear to be friends and were at Garderobe together. The pair were in the same year group as current Garderobe Principal Natsuki Kruger and the "tragic Otome" Mai Tokiha.

Carla later fights alongside Haruka Armitage and Ảnh Lữ as part of the tripartate alliance seeking to liberate Garderobe and the Kingdom of Windbloom from the Artai alliance, which includes Lutesia Remus, which signed a treaty with Artai after the attack on Anmilla district using the Harmonium. She later joins with the other Otomes to protect Windbloom from another Harmonium attack, using martial arts to try to maintain the forcefield the Otome force were keeping in place around the storm created by the instrument.

Carla also appears in Mai-Otome Zwei as part of a multinational force along with the other Otomes.