Iruma Vandeveld
Character Information
Allegiance: Garderobe
Master: Fumi Himeno
Occupation: Column V
GEM: Ice Silver Crystal
Age: 18 (0~S.ifr~)
Height: 150 cm (' ")
Weight: 40 kg ( lbs.)
B/W/H: 75/53/74

Iruma Vandeveld (Japanese: イルマ・バンデベルド, Iruma Bandeberudo) is a Meister Otome in Mai-Otome 0~S.ifr~. Her GEM is the Ice Silver Crystal later used by Natsuki Kruger (the Principal in Mai-Otome). She is voiced by Akeno Watanabe.

She is the Fifth Column of Garderobe and an ally of Una Shamrock, the school's Principal, in her endeavours to seek and kill Sifr Fran. She is the second youngest of the Columns at this time.

To this end, she attempts to intervene in Raquel Mayol and Ellie Chandler's attempt to rescue Sifr from Schwartz' sattelite and later joins Una, Rei Zarganote and Kyoko Shimabuki in their battle against Lena Sayers. As she bears a large gun, Iruma maintains distance from the main fight but is surprised when Lena appears and defeats her nontheless.

She is later punished by Maria Graceburt, who has taken over as acting Principal after Una's demotion, by suspension for her part in meddling in the affairs of Windbloom.