Kiyone Nonomiya
Character Information
Age: 13
Birthdate: February 19
Height: 157 cm (5' 1.8")
Weight: 46 kg (101.2 lbs.)
Blood type: O
B/W/H: 77/54/75
Club: Chorus Club
Favourite: Teddy bear
Strength: 0
I.Q.: 7
Piety: 9
Vitality: 6
Agility: 8
Luck: 0
A.C.: -1
H.P.: 616

Kiyone Nonomiya is a minor character in Mai-HiME, voiced by Eri Sendai.

She attends the middle school section of Fuuka Academy and is a member of the choir along with Alyssa Searrs. She is attacked by an Orphan, an event for which Sister Yukariko Sanada blames herself.