Laula Bianchi
Character Information
Allegiance: Lutesia Romulus
Master: Queen of Lutesia Remus
GEM: Flowery Splendour Enstatite
Age: c. 18

Laula Bianchi (Japanese: ラウラ・ビアンキ, Raura Bianki), voiced by Kikuko Inoue, is a Meister Otome serving the country of Lutesia Remus in the Mai-Otome anime. Her GEM is the Flowery Splendour Enstatite (絢爛の頑火輝石, Kenran no Gankakiseki).

She participated in the first battle between Otomes in 25 years (or, more officially, 50 years) when she faced Carla Bianchi in a border skirmish (Carla serves the rival polity of Lutesia Romulus), after the Schwartz tested new Slave technologies, leading to mutual tension and recrimination. Laula had previously attended Garderobe together with Carla, where they were in the same year group as Natsuki Kruger, later Garderobe's Principal, and Mai Tokiha, who went missing in the Sprites' Forest and quickly acquired a mythos.

After Artai's attack on Lutesia's Anmilla district, Laula's Master, the Queen of Lutesia Remus, signed an alliance with Nagi Daí Artai and Laula took to the battlefield alongside Nagi's Meister Nina Wáng and Rosalie Claudel, the primary Otome of Florince, which had joined Artai in similar circumstances to Remus. In the first battle they are aided by the Valkyrie Corps, before the de facto leader of the Valkyries, Tomoe Marguerite lets slip the ultimate plan to destroy the Otome system, whereupon Laula and Rosalie join their fellow Otomes (and erstwhile enemies - including Carla) in the force seeking to liberate Garederobe and Windbloom, helping them stave off another attack by the Harmonium (through which Anmilla was razed).

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