Lena Sayers
Lena Sayers MO
Character Information
Allegiance: Windbloom
Master: Bruce Banin Windbloom II
GEM: Lofty Crimson Jade/
Blue Sky Sapphire
Age: 16 (0~S.ifr~),
Deceased (Mai-Otome)
Height: 160 cm (' ")
Weight: 47 kg ( lbs.)
B/W/H: 86/54/83
Known relations: Arika Yumemiya (daughter),
Ms. Yumemiya (mother)

Lena Sayers (Japanese: レナ・セイヤーズ, Rena Seiyāzu), sometimes given erroneously as Rena Sayers, is a character in the Mai-Otome anime and manga series, and the protagonist of the original video animation Mai-Otome 0~S.ifr~.  Her surname, Sayers, is a developed form of Searrs, the surname of her ancestress, Alyssa Searrs. She occasionally used the pseudonym Lena/Rena Yumemiya, her mother's maiden name.

Mai-Otome anime Edit

Lena Sayers appears at the very beginning of the Mai-Otome anime, placing a baby in a casket into a canal, before preparing to battle a group of cyborgs, later revealed to be Rad of the Aswad and his cohorts, an event later revealed as resulting in her death. She is carrying an injury to her right side yet, according to Rad's recollection, fought bravely and honourably. This was part of a raid against the Kingdom of Windbloom by the Aswad in collusion with a shadowy group known as Schwartz, which also resulted in the deaths of Lena's former master King Bruce Blan de Windbloom II and her friend, Queen Sifr Fran, the ramifications of which resulted in a parting of the ways between Aswad and Schwartz. The child in the casket is later revealed to be Windbloom's princess Mashiro Blan de Windbloom, who, it transpires, is Nina Wáng, daughter of Lena's friend and admirer Sergay and Garderobe roommate of Lena's daughter Arika Yumemiya, the major heroine of the series.

It is later revealed that Lena's remains were taken by Schwartz and used to create a rival system to the Otomes known as the Valkyries, led by Garderobe student and Arika's rival Tomoe Marguerite, before the system is destroyed by Arika. That Lena was able to do such a thing was due to her being a Progenitor, like Fumi Himeno - an Otome who had retired and had a family.

Mai-Otome manga Edit

Lena's depiction in the Mai-Otome manga has significant differences from the anime. She is still alive and living with the Schwartz. Rad, her killer in the anime, is her husband and father of Arika. He predeceases Lena, sacrificing his life to protect her during a raid by the Empire of Cardair. Akin to the anime, Lena had previously been the Otome of the royal family (in the manga, King Tate and Queen Mai) and adopted their son, who later impersonates their successor Mashiro after the latter's suicide.

Towards the end of the manga, she takes Fumi's place as founder of the Otome.

Lena 0

Lena Sayers in the Blue Sky Sapphire robe.

Mai-Otome 0~S.ifr~ Edit

The events of Mai-Otome 0~S.ifr~ revolve around Sifr Fran's capture by Schwartz and Lena's attempts to save her from them, as well as Garderobe, who wish to see Sifr dead.

Chronologically earlier than Mai-Otome, though released later, Lena appears as the major character.

Lena first appears in disguise as a maid, serving a mysterious man aboard a train, later revealed to be Bruce Banin Windbloom, a prince of Windbloom seeking to rescue his niece Sifr Fran from the Schwartz and their Aswad allies, an endeavour in which they are successful. They are aided in their escape by the two Otomes Elliot "Ellie" Chandler (Column I of the Five Columns and Lena's erstwhile classmate at Garderobe) and Raquel Mayol, along with Raquel's Master Shion Margaret of the Earl Church.

Lena is later charged with protecting Sifr, though her attempts to prevent her being captured again by the Schwartz is stymied by Schwartz's android M-9, a combat resulting in the depletion of Lena's GEM, the Lofty Crimson Jade (formerly used by Ayane Hazakura of the Mai-Otome Saga part of the franchise), and her being thrown several miles into the desert.

Despite this, she emerges relatively unscathed, in no small part due to a strange phenomenon which results in wings becoming visible (featuring similar golden feathers to those associated with Alyssa Searrs' Child Artemis). She is discovered by a biologist from the Aswad, Shiro, who notes a birthmark below her left breast and collects the fragments of the Lofty Crimson Jade, which will perhaps form the basis for the REM used by the Aswad's later leader Midori during Mai-Otome and Mai-Otome Zwei. Shiro takes her back to his dwelling, where she is assaulted by one of his animal specimens. She later kicks Shiro some considerable distance, resulting in an injury to the scientist's ankle and Lena's being castigated by his younger brother, Reito. Miyu later appears to speak to Lena and leaves a new GEM with Shiro, the Blue Sky Sapphire, which she says is of a proud heritage and capable of use by an Otome of such unusual power as Lena.

After this, Lena and Shiro continue with her mission, meeting Bruce, Raquel, Shion and Miyu (who has been damaged in battle with M-9 above Schwartz's spacecraft) and proceeding to save them from a weapons blast from Schwartz, before flying off to rescue Sifr, leading her to battle M-9 in space, a battle in which she is rescued by an alter ego, Artemis. She finally defeats M-9 by piledriving her back into Earl from above and meets up with Sifr, along with Raquel and Ellie.

However, the group are then confronted by Ellie's fellow Columns, with Ellie's refusal to carry out her own designated mission - kill Sifr - and her vow to protect the girl resulting in her authorisation to materialise being revoked by Garderobe's Principal, Una Shamrock. However, after a brief rest, Lena awakens and proceeds to hack into the Administar and summon her robe with the word "Artemis," before she unleashes her power on Shamrock and her cohorts, Rei Zarganote, Kyoko Shimabuki and Iruma Vandeveld, defeating all four with consumate ease.

At the end, she is shown at Sifr's acceptance into the royal family of Windbloom, before being told by Maria Graceburt that the four errant Columns have been punished. She is later persuaded to visit her estranged mother in Galleria.