Mai-HiME Destiny

Cover of the first volume of Mai-HiME Destiny, showing Mayo Kagura (left) and Shion Tennoji (right).

Mai-HiME Destiny is a light novel published in two volumes of twelve chapters (thus far) by Hobby Japan as part of Sunrise's Mai-HiME Project. Like its fellow Mai-HiME "sequel" Mai-Otome, Mai-Hime Destiny utilises characters and designs from the Mai-HiME universe, whilst also introducing new main and supporting characters. Unlike Mai-Otome, Mai HiME Destiny maintains the character names established in Mai-HiME.

Synopsis Edit

Like Mai-HiME, Mai-HiME Destiny takes place at the Fuka Academy, which is, in this universe, located in an isolated part of Hokkaidō. The main characters in the series are Mayo Kagura, a transfer student with a history of delinquency, and Shion Tennōji. It is revealed that both girls are MiKOs, girls who manifest psychokinetic abilities.