Mai Tokiha
MH Mai
Character Information
Age: 16
Birthdate: July 22
Height: 157 cm (5' 1.8")
Weight: 46 kg (101.2 lbs.)
Blood type: O
B/W/H: 87/56/83
Child: Kagutsuchi
Element: Fiery tomoe-like rings

Mai Tokiha (Japanese: 鴇羽 舞衣Tokiha Mai) is the lead character in the anime series Mai-HiME. She also appears in Mai-Otome.

Mai is a ginger haired girl charged with the care of her sickly younger brother Takumi. Both of their parents are dead. It emerges that Mai and Takumi's mother was killed in an attempt to save him from drowning, with Mai living with the guilt of blaming herself for this occurence.

Due to her enforced self-reliance, Mai is a talented chef (her ward Mikoto Minagi is certainly appreciative of her culinary efforts) and she enjoys karaoke, though a running joke throughout the series shows her increasing frustration about her seeming inability to indulge. She is unwilling to reveal her problems to others but ever willing to help them with theirs. She bottles up her negative emotions to the point of explosion.

My-HiME anime Edit

Mai is portrayed by Mai Nakahara in Japanese and in English by Carol-Anne Day.

Mai's formative years were spent in the Suginami ward of Tokyo, where she attended South Suginami-ku's 4th Elementary School and West Suginami-ku's Junior High School, before moving on to the private Namikawa High School. Her last known address in the area before transferring to the Fuuka Academy (as a recipient of the Kazahana Scholarship) on 1st May was 12-44-40 Suginami-ku Kamiigusa, Tokyo. She is an advanced CPR practitioner (a skill she presumably thought necessary considering Takumi's ill health) and has passed Eiken, an English proficiency test, to the 4th degree.

She is first seen at the very beginning of the anime, onboard a ship where she and Takumi are travelling to their new school, the aforementioned Fuuka Academy. A young girl is seen floating apparently lifeless in the water and is brought aboard. Mai performs CPR on the girl, who is later introduced as Mikoto Minagi. Aboard ship, Mai and Takumi are befriended by Yuuichi Tate, whose knack of appearing to be a pervert immediately disgusts Mai, and his childhood friend (and would-be lover) Shiho Munakata. Another mysterious figure wielding pistols, Natsuki Kuga attacks the ship searching for Mikoto and they do battle, which eventually causes the ship to be sunk and Mai to reveal her own materialising powers, similar to those exhibited by Natsuki.

Mai finally makes it to the Academy, where she is immediately taken to task and interrogated by the feisty Executive Director Haruka Suzushiro over unexplained damage to the school grounds in the vicinity of where Mai was discovered. She is somewhat disconcerted to discover that Tate is on the Student Council and even less happy when it transpires that she'll be in the same class as him. However, she soon makes friends in her class, particularly Chie Harada and Aoi Senoh but also Miya Suzuki, Sayuri Ichinose and Yayoi Ota. Early on in her career, she comes across the Academy's Principal, Mashiro Kazahana, and Mashiro's assistant/maid, Fumi Himeno.

During a search for Takumi, who'd gone missing and dropped his medication, she finds herself in a cave with a middle school student, Nagi Homura, who introduces the concept of HiMEs to her. Being attacked by an Orphan, she (along with Natsuki and Mikoto - who by now is Mai's close friend and roommate) battle back, seemingly defeating it before each of its two halves, cloven by Mikoto and her sword Miroku, become animated again and attack. Nagi guides Mai to a petroglyph which appears to depict a dragon-like figure, which she claims she recognises (a flashback shows a ghostly dragon saving her and Mikoto from drowning and causing the damage to the ground for which Mai had been interrogated earlier). She adopts this creature, Kagutsuchi as her Child and they destroy the Orphan - and the whole mountain side besides - in a blaze of intense fire. Kagutsuchi is widely acknowledged as the most powerful of the Childs, as is pointed out later by the art teacher Wataru Ishigami.

Later, Mai picks up a part-time job at the Linden Baum restaurant, where she works alongside Akane Higurashi, Kazuya Kurauchi and Midori Sugiura. She continues to fight Orphans alongside Natsuki and Mikoto, who is now her roommate. She is asked by Reito Kanzaki if she would like to date him, and the pair attend a festival together (aided by Chie and Aoi's "kidnap" of Mikoto), having previously been forced to reveal her powers to him after the pair, along with Yuuichi and Takumi, fall into an underground complex.

After the Searrs Foundation attempt to take control of the Academy, Mai is captured by their forces, but is liberated by Mikoto. With the other HiMEs, she joins Academy Principal Mashiro Kazahana to develop a plan to regain control, fighting alongside her fellows to defeat Searrs. To his consternation, Yuuichi (who, by now, has fallen in love with Mai) sees her riding on the back of Kagutsuchi, causing his feelings of helplessness, powerlessness and confusion to spiral. With Kagutsuchi, Mai engages Eclipse 1 Artemis, Searrs' orbital weapons satellite (which announced their intent by destroying a bridge) and Alyssa Searrs' Child, absorbing a blast intended for the Academy and eventually destroying it.

Thereafter, she attends a bonding exercise in the form of a karaoke competition arranged by Midori, before learning about the HiME Carnival from the mysterious trickster figure Nagi. She becomes more confused and depressed as Takumi becomes more independent and as she is forced to choose between Reito and Yuuichi. In addition, Mikoto comes under the control of the Obsidian Lord, who is revealed to reside in Reito, who is the ani-ue Mikoto has been searching for. As such, she doesn't heed Mai's instruction not to engage the other HiMEs in battle and, by the end, has killed three Childs and played an important part in the death of Gennai, Akira Okuzaki's Child, by a phantom HiME who had been attacking Mai and who was later revealed to be the now vengeful Shiho, jealous of Yuuichi's burgeoning romance with Mai, and her Child, Yatagarasu. Gennai's downfall resulted in the decease of Akira's Most Important Person, Takumi. Mikoto herself kills Yatagarasu, after Mai finds herself unable to, which causes Yuuichi to disappear. Yuuichi had previously saved Mai from defeat at the hands of Vlas, Sister Yukariko Sanada's Child, when she fell into an illusion caused by Vlas. Indeed, Mai herself warned Yuuichi that it was dangerous for them to associate, telling him to distance himself from her. Her warning comes to an unexpected fruition when she is waylaid by Shiho (who now reveals herself) and Yatagarasu and Yuuichi asks her to kill Yatagarasu, who is dispatched by Mikoto's blade when Mai declines. She attempts to kiss Yuuichi, who has chosen Mai over Shiho, but he disintegrates before she has a chance to.

After this, she meets Nagi and asks the boy to take her to the Obsidian Lord, whom she engages in conversation before battling with Mikoto, whilst their Childs engage each other simultaneously. She is later reunited with the resurrected Yuuichi (who, with the other Most Important People has been restored to like by Suishohime/Mashiro after Miyu Greer, who Mai met on her way to Kokuyouguu, intervenes on behalf of Alyssa Searrs), who protects her from the Obsidian Lord, who was intent on killing her. She later hugs Mikoto and tells her she loves her, breaking the spell of the HiME Star.

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