Masashi Takeda is the kendo club captain at the Fuuka Academy in the Mai-HiME anime & manga.

He is introduced in the second episode of the anime during a lunch break, when one of his colleagues has his curry bread pilfered by a hungry Mikoto Minagi, who is later thought to be a demon by Takeda and his colleagues, after she worsts them and makes off seeking water. Several unfortunate incidents follow which see him having his collar felt as a thief of female students' underwear (resulting in his being sent to the Academy Church for correction) and a number of misconstrued meetings with the object of his infatuation, Natsuki Kuga, who insists on seeing him as a pervert despite his protestations and efforts at proving his innocence.

In the Mai-HiME manga, he becomes the second Key of Natsuki's enemy Nao Yuuki.

He makes a cameo appearance in the Mai-Otome manga, where he wanders off from a party of guests invited to Garderobe searching for Natsuki Kruger memorabilia and happens upon a bathing Erstin Ho, resulting in his being mistaken for an agent of the Schwartz, and he reprises his Natsuki infatuation as a punter at Garderobe's nightclub in Mai-Otome Arashi.

As captain of the kendo club in Mai-HiME, he is keen to have his former cohort Yuuichi Tate return to the martial art, often pressing him via various channels. Yuuichi's departure from the club has had a negative effect upon their success - he was a talented kendōka before injury forced his resignation and subsequent descent into delinquency.