Mashiro Kazahana
Mashiro Kazahana
Character Information
Age: appears to be about 11
Height: 138 cm (' ")?
Weight: 31 kg (68.2 lbs)?
Blood type: AB-?
B/W/H: 64/50/65
HiME: Fumi Himeno

Mashiro Kazahana (Japanese: 風花真白 Kazahana Mashiro) is the assumed name used by a character from Mai-HiME. She is the chairwoman of Fuka Academy, the main setting for the Mai-HiME series. She is voiced by Yukana and Katie Rowan.

Mashiro is shown as a young girl of around 11 years old, confined to a wheelchair, in which she is transported around by her maid, Fumi Himeno. She also has some strange connection to Nagi Homura, who ostensibly appears as a student at the Academy. She is first spotted by the protagonist Mai Tokiha enjoying the Academy gardens and discloses that she is assembling the HiMEs at Fuuka for the purposes of defeating Orphans. However, it is later clear that this is not the whole story. The pressure of keeping secret the true purpose of her First District organisation is the source of some innner conflict to Mashiro.

It is through Mashiro's request of aid in the search for a vampire-like Orphan which had attacked Kiyone Nonomiya and Aoi Senoh that it is revealed that Yukino Kikukawa is a HiME, a fact the other HiMEs only find out after they are forced to flee at Mashiro's instigation after the Searrs Foundation attack.

During this attack, Mashiro is referred to by Miyu Greer as the "queen of hell" when she ostensibly faces off against Miyu and Alyssa Searrs, the Foundation's artificially-created HiME in her office. An Orphan emerges from her "body", which is quickly dispatched by Miyu revealing that Mashiro had been replaced by a doll.

She later leaves on business and is shown meeting the leadership of First District. Upon her return, she is confronted by Midori Sugiura who has been researching the origins of the HiME mystery and has discovered that "Mashiro Kazahana" was killed in an accident at an excavation. Her demands are met by Fumi's Element, however, and Midori is vanquished.

The next time Mashiro and Midori meet, Mashiro hands the HiME the key to the whereabouts of Miyu, who has been recovered by First District from the lake in which she submerged herself along with Alyssa's body after Searrs' defeat. Mashiro and Fumi then go off to face the Obsidian Lord, revealed to be Student Council Vice President Reito Kanzaki. Fumi, however, is defeated by the Obsidian Lord's ammenuensis Mikoto Minagi and Mashiro is captured and encased in crystal. When she is seen in this predicament, it is in her "true form" - Fumi's Child Suishouhime. Another ability she had displayed prior to this point was erecting a barrier to assure confidentiality.

She is later released from the crystal by Miyu and floats up to the Crystal Shrine, from where her apparition appears before the defeated HiME and revives their deceased Most Important People. She is last seen with Nagi entering a door in the library at the Academy after a brief discussion.