Natsuki Kuga
Character Information
Age: 17
DOB: August 15
Height: 160 cm (5'3")
Weight: 47 kg (103.4 lbs)
Blood type: B
B/W/H: 81/57/83
Child Duran
Element Two energy pistols

Natsuki Kuga (Japanese: 玖我 なつき, Kuga Natsuki) is a main character in Mai-HiME, voiced by Saeko Chiba in Japanese and Cheryl McMaster in English.

Natsuki is a deadpan blue-haired 17 year old, in the first year of high school at Fuuka Academy, having missed a year of school after an accident claimed the life of her mother, Saeko (in the anime). She is something of a lone wolf, often playing truant and is seen riding around on her motorcycle, a Ducati DRIII.

She is a close friend of school council President, Shizuru Fujino, who often waives certain rules to allow Natsuki access to a computer with which to further her research into the mysterious First District organisation. She is the object of the ardour of Masashi Takeda, captain of the kendo club, often leading to unfortunate situations in which his motives are questioned and put down to lechery by Natsuki. She often taps Kaiji Sakomizu for information on First District and has a contact, an information broker named Yamada, who she meets at the Rorschach Bar.

She is first encountered when she attacks Mikoto Minagi, leading to a battle in which a ship carrying Mai Tokiha, her brother Takumi, Yuuichi Tate and Shiho Munakata is sunk. It is revealed that both Natsuki and Mikoto are HiMEs, as is Mai. Subsequently, Natsuki warns Mai against commencing education at the Fuuka Academy, a warning that goes unheeded. Reluctantly, she later teams up with Mai and Mikoto in their battles with the Orphans after they help her defeat an Orphan which feeds on female underwear, of which articles Natsuki has an extensive and much loved collection. In addition, Natsuki also enjoys mayonnaise. Her Element is a pair of small pistols which fire ice bullets and her Child is a lupine creature termed Duran (later revealed to be named after her childhood pet, a dog).

Her motive for investigating First District is her blaming them for the death of her mother, who worked with them as a researcher. One altruistic blow she strikes against First District is the rescue of Akane Higurashi from their facility, where Akane, in a psychotic state after the defeat of her Child Harry (Hari) and demise of her lover Kazuya Kurauchi, was being held. It is later revealed by John Smith of the Searrs Foundation that her mother, far from protecting her, was actually escaping First District in order to sell Natsuki to his organisation, a revelation which causes Natsuki to descend into melancholy and prevents her from materialising Duran.

She develops an enmity with middle school student and fellow HiME Nao Yuuki, getting captured by the younger girl twice (due to her aforementioned depression). However, Nao's Child Julia is destroyed by Shizuru and her Child Kiyohime to save Natsuki and as part of Shizuru's quest to prove her love for Natsuki. Eventally, Natsuki orders Duran to destruct Kiyohime in order to stop Shizuru, having confessed that Shizuru is her Most Important Person too. They "die" together, with Natsuki leaving it up to Mai to end the tyranny of the HiME Star.

Mai-HiME manga Edit

The manga version of Mai-HiME depicts Natsuki as the rival of Mai for the love of protagonist Yuuichi Tate.

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