Nina Wáng
Nina Wáng
Character Information
Age: 14/15
Birthdate: September 7
Allegiance: Artai/Windbloom
Master: Nagi Daí Artai/Mashiro Blan de Windbloom (interim)
GEM: Ultimate Black Diamond/ Neptune Emerald
Known relations: Sergay Wáng (adoptive father),
Sifr Fran (genetic mother)

Nina Wáng (Japanese: ニナ・ウォン, Nina Won) is a character in the Mai-Otome anime and manga series, as well as the Mai-Otome Zwei original video animation and Mai-Otome Arashi manga. A character of similar design, known as Chun Mei (春妹), appeared in the Mai-HiME anime series as a classmate of Mai Tokiha.

Backstory Edit

The young Nina is shown in an underground area in the company of vagabonds at a time when the area is raided by Sergay Wáng, who proceeds to assassinate many of the denizens of the area. This took place on her birthday, 7th September, in A.R. 325. A frightened Nina attempts to defend herself with a pistol but is unable to, firing off target and causing a piece of shrapnel to would Sergay's forehead, leaving a scar apparent throughout the anime. Sergay takes pity on Nina and raises her as his own in the Principality of Artai, where he works as an aide to the Grand Duke Nagi Daí Artai.

She is seen later sat at Sergay's desk perusing photographs, many of which depict the Otome Lena Sayers, with whom Sergay was infatuated. The knowledge of this infatuation becomes a bugbear to Nina throughout her young life and likely played a part in her determination to become an Otome.

Nina's most treasured artefact from that era was a pocket watch given to her by Sergay containing a photograph of the two of them (which was later replaced). This was given to her on her "birthday", which Sergay determined to be the 7th September due to that also being the date the princess of Windbloom, Mashiro Blan de Windbloom, was born. The watch itself is of little value, being a timepiece Sergay purchased upon receipt of his first pay packet.

Nina became a student at the Garderobe academy with the intention that she later serve as an Otome for Grand Duke Nagi.

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