Reito Kanzaki
MH Reito
Character Information
Age: 17
DOB: April 24
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 67 kg (147.4)
Blood type: B
B/W/H: 85/57/82

Reito Kanzaki (Japanese: 神崎黎人, Kanzaki Reito) or Reito Minagi (Japanese: Minagi Reito) is a character who appears in the Mai-HiME anime and Mai-HiME Destiny visual novel. He is voiced by Toshihiko Seki in the original Japanese and by Ethan Cole in the English version. A character bearing the name Reito appears also in Mai-Otome 0~S.ifr~ and Mai-Otome (as Rad).

Mai-HiME anime Edit

Reito is introduced as the quietly spoken Vice President of the Student Council at the Fuuka Academy. He is often seen in the council room enjoying tea with the Council President Shizuru Fujino (who, according to a rumour related to Mai Tokiha by Yuuichi Tate, forms the "greatest couple in the school's history" with Reito - albeit with no other evidence to substantiate the claim).

He is well regarded by the other students and is said to excel at caring for the needs of the students in his dormitory - including the unwell Takumi Tokiha upon his arrival at Fuuka, who (along with Takumi's roommate Akira Okuzaki), he takes for an expensive meal and also a trip to the beach. He also has access to the Kanzaki family's personal premises near to the school, to which he retires when he wishes to be alone. In addition, he sometimes seeks to further his friends' causes in matters romantic, such as the instance when he encourages Masashi Takeda to speak to the object of his desire, Natsuki Kuga.

He also become close to Mai and nominates himself for the position of her boyfriend. After an accident at the library, caused by Mai's arachnophobia and Yuuichi's teasing of her, the pair find themselves in Kokuyouguu during an underground encounter with an Orphan, which Mai defeats. Reito later asks her to accompany him to the Founder's Day commemoration, an invitation she accepts, which results in the pair almost kissing before being stymied by Yuuichi (much to the chagrin of Yuuichi's date for the day, Shiho Munakata, as well as Reito). The confrontation is aborted, however, when a bridge is destroyed by what is later revealed as Alyssa Searrs' Child, Artemis.

After Alyssa leads the Searrs Foundation's takeover of the school in search of the HiMEs, Reito is confined to the Student Council Room, before an anonymous tip off (from Akira, a HiME at this point working under cover, living as a boy) advises the Council on a possible escape route. Reito subsequently leads the students to freedom from their confinement in the Sports Hall.

He consoles Mai after Gennai's defeat by the mysterious Yatagarasu (which Mai blames on Mikoto Minagi, who has entered the combat initiated by Nao Yuuki and also aided from afar by Sister Yukariko's Child St. Vlas) causes Takumi's disappearance, taking her to his private residence, before he is revealed as the Obsidian Lord's host body, as well as the ani-ue (older brother) for whom Mikoto has been searching.

In this capacity, he resides toward the end of the series in Kokuyouguu along with his aide Nagi Homura (through whom he can communicate) and Mikoto, as well as Fumi Himeno after she and Mashiro Kazahana are defeated by Mikoto. The siblings' reunion allows Mikoto to summon the Obsidian Lord's Child Miroku (prior to this, she was reliant only on her Element, also called Miroku, albeit with an ability to cause blocks of obsidian to rise from the ground).

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