Sergay Wáng
Character Information
Age: 25
Allegiance: Artai
Military rank: Major
Aliases: The Northern Hound
Oji-sama (by Arika Yumemiya)
Known relations: Nina Wáng (adoptive daughter)

Sergay Wáng (Japanese: セルゲイ・ウォン, Serugei Won) is a major character in Mai-Otome. He is voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi in Japanese and Phil Fulton in the English dub.

Sergay hails from the Grand Duchy of Artai, a snowy nation in Earl and is a skilled assassin and master of seduction techniques.

Formative yearsEdit

As a young boy, Sergay attended school in the Kingdom of Windbloom, where he came to admire the Otome Lena Sayers. He was in Windbloom during the attack which resulted in the death of his friend 14 years before the events of the commencement of Mai-Otome. He is later seen to have collected a considerable body of photograhs of her.

Returning to Artai, he later meets and becomes the henchman of the ambitious young prince Nagi Daí Artai, with Sergay's firearms skill proving instrumental in Nagi's rise to the throne during the chaos subsequent to the death of the previous ruler Bel Glan Artai. Sergay carried out the assassination of several of Bel's sons on behalf of his master, leaving the way clear for Nagi's rise to power. He is also well known for carrying out mission for intelligence purposes, earning himself the nickname of the "Northern Hound".

Sergay also commanded raids against potential enemies. It is during one of these raids, against a facility whose denizens (including a man looking much like Mai-HiME's Father Joseph Greer, who Sergay dispatches with his pistol) were suspected of raising orphans as trained assassins, that he comes across a frightened young girl. However, rather than shoot her, Sergay attempts to console the girl, despite her errant shooting of a pistol she is equipped with resulting in a shrapnel would to Sergay's forehead which would last a lifetime. He inquires as to her name, the answer being Nina. He later adopts her as his daughter.

Career in Mai-OtomeEdit

Sergay, now with the rank of major, appears to serve in some sort of ambassadorial capacity in Windbloom during the events of Mai-Otome. Travelling back there, he is aboard a desert-crossing vessel which rescues Arika Yumemiya, who he later meets at Windbloom, giving her the nickname Arinko (ant), which causes her to immediately take a dislike to him. He has an assistant, a student from Artai called Tatsuhiko Gorvic Zaycech IV. He notices that Arika possesses an adornment which he suspects may contain the GEM, the Blue Sky Sapphire, formerly used by Lena, and becomes her sponsor upon Arika's admission to Garderobe, whilst simultaneously maintaining his teasing of the girl - even mocking her mysterious sponsor.

Whilst visiting Aries with Nagi during the Corals' field trip, he rescues Arika from Lumen of the Aswad and his Slave Ketos, finding an abandoned lighthouse and taking care of her. He allows her to call him by his forename, a circumstance which visibly upsets Nina when she finds out later.

His mission from Nagi to discover the true identity of the princess of Windbloom saved by Lena during the attack 14 years before leads him to an old woman who had served in Fuuka Castle as a maid, who informs him that the true princess is she who bears the Blue Sky Sapphire, which he knows is in the possession of Arika. Simultaneously, he is also investigating Nagi's links with John Smith, the face of the Schwartz organisation, utilising his countryman Yamada for both purposes. He has the opportunity to seduce Arika, as per his orders from Nagi, after rescuing her from a gang intent on raping her on the orders of Miya Clochette (herself having been told to do so by the bully Tomoe Marguerite), but declines and rejects her. He later contravenes Nagi's demands by intervening in a battle between an unwilling Arika - who he outs as the true princess - and a Slave summoned by her and Nina's close friend Erstin Ho, resulting in his sustaining an injury and dropping a handkerchief made for him by Arika, causing Nina to become so jealous as to accept the Ultimate Black Diamond and attack Arika, resulting in the destruction of Erstin's Slave and Erstin's death after she tries to separate them.

Recovering from his injuries, Sergay volunteers to form a Valkyrie corps, which comes to include Chie Hallard (with whom he works closely) and Tomoe Marguerite. He is again injured after leading the Valkyries on a sortie to the Dragon's Grave with the aim of capturing Mashiro Blan de Windbloom, to complete the song of the Harmonium, and Arika, to operate it if needed. However, Nagi soon learns that Nina is the true princess and, with the Schwartz's discovery of the barely alive Aoi Senoh (who, they correctly conjecture, knows the third and final verse), Nina defeats the shadow of Nekogami standing guard over the Harmonium and begins using it, translating herself to Dragon's Grave just in time to see that Sergay has again been wounded, this time by Miyu who has helped withstand the Valkyries and rescued Mashiro, who was in Sergay's hands.

Having seen the effect that use of the Harmonium has had on Nina, Sergay resolves to help her, although when she asks him to "take away her qualification to be an Otome", he rejects her, before going to destroy the core of the Valkyrie system. In the process of this, he is waylaid by Smith, who, after a brief conversation, attempts to pull a gun on him but is shot by Sergay, before Sergay himself is shot in the head by Nagi. Nina (who has been told by Nagi that Sergay's injuries were inflicted during a gunfight with Smith) keeps him alive using the power of the Harmonium.

In the end, with the defeat of the Harmonium, Sergay is taken to Garderobe's medical facility for treatment, before being repatriated. At the end of the series, he is shown being treated by Nina, having lost his memories. He is seen again at the end of Mai-Otome Zwei leading the life of a simple farmer.

Mai-Otome mangaEdit

Sergay Wáng does not appear in the Mai-Otome manga. Instead, he is replaced by Colonel Sergay August Taiki, the menacing prime minister of Windbloom.