Shiho Munakata
Shiho Munakata
Character Information
Age: 13
Birthdate: October 16
Height: 152 cm
Weight: 41 kg (90 lbs)
Blood type: 0
B/W/H: 78/53/80
Child: Yatagarasu
Element: Flute

Shiho Munakata (Japanese: 宗像詩帆, Munakata Shiho) is a character in Mai-HiME. She is voiced by Sakura Nogawa and Leda Davies.

Shiho is introduced early on as a childhood friend and perennial advocate for Yuuichi Tate, who she hopes to date one day and who she affectionately refers to as "onii-chan" (big brother). She attends the Fuuka Academy Middle School (she is in the second year) and becomes friends with Mai and Takumi Tokiha. Around Yuuichi, Shiho is rather clingy and, as later becomes apparent, is jealous and overly possessive of him. Indeed, her constant presence at his side leads him to be mockingly referred to as onii-chan by other students.

She occasionally works as a miko (priestess) at the Fuuka Shrine, which is run by her grandfather Jin. She was raised by Jin after the death of her parents and it is at the Shrine that she met Yuuichi. During preparations for a wedding at the shrine, at which Mai was working alongside Shiho temporarily, Mai says she would root for Shiho in her attempts to pursue a romantic relationship with Yuuichi. However, when Shiho and Yuuichi are about to kiss whilst on a date at the Founder's Day celebration, Yuuichi spies Mai with Reito Kanzaki and intervenes in order to prevent the two of them from kissing, the success of which endeavour causes Shiho to spiral into a jealous rage with Mai.

During the Searrs Foundation's lockdown of the Academy, Shiho and Yuuichi are outside the premises. However, they separate when Yuuichi tells Shiho to put distance between herself and the school whilst he goes back with the intention of helping remove the Searrs personnel. Fleeing, Shiho is set upon by an Orphan and is hospitalised, being seen thereafter in a hospital bed or a wheelchair. Dutifully (and due in no small part to his blaming himself for her predicament), Yuuichi visits her every day. During the period of her hospitalisation, Mai is attacked a number of times by a ghostly HiME in a white wedding kimono (similar to the one Shiho showed Mai at the Shrine, which belonged to her late grandmother and was intended for her eventual use), who demands she disappear and materialises a crow-like Child using her Element, a flute. It is revealed later that this HiME is none other than Shiho (whose doppelganger is caused by her inner turmoil, similar to a poltergeist). The Child is named Yatagarasu. It is during one of these sorties that Yatagarasu destroys Gennai, the toad-like Child of Akira Okuzaki, resulting in the death of Takumi - which Mai blames on Mikoto Minagi.

Shiho reveals herself as the HiME when she has a showdown with Mai, after Yuuichi had chosen to rescue Mai from Yukariko Sanada's hallucination-inducing Child St. Vlas rather than see Shiho at 3pm on the anniversatry of Yuuichi and Shiho's meeting as he had promised. It is apparent at this stage that the person most precious to both HiMEs is Yuuichi, though he seems resigned to his fate, telling Mai (who, with her Child Kagutsuchi, is having the best of the conlict) to destroy Yatagarasu, thus to eliminate him and end the fighting between the two of them. However, Mai cannot bring herself to do it and it is through the intervention of Mikoto that Yatagarasu is destroyed and Yuuichi disappears.

At the end of the series, Shiho is still in hospital. However, unlike the other HiMEs, her Most Important Person does not appear before her (Yuuichi, choosing Mai, is busy fighting the Obsidian Lord which is possessing Reito on her behalf). However, golden halos appear above her head and enter it. At the end, Shiho is still possessive of Yuuichi but is on better terms with Mai.

Mai-Otome Zwei Edit

Shiho's distinctive hairstyle is reference in the fourth and final episode of Mai-Otome Zwei when Mai prepares food in the now insular Nekogami National Mountain Park for Nekogami, Mashiro Blan de Windbloom, Nina Wáng and Ribbon-chan which includes small octopodes which resemble her, possessing the same configuration of ribbon-like structures.