Character Information
Age: 18
Country of origin: Aswad
Height: 170 cm (5' 5.8")
Weight: 60 kg (132.3 lbs.)

Shiro is a character in Mai-Otome 0~S.ifr~. He is voiced by Souichiro Hoshi.

Shiro is a young biologist with some interest in history who works in the desert in which his people, the Aswad, live. He is the older brother of Reito. Shiro's camp contains his collection of literature and pickled samples of various fauna.

Shiro first appears in the second episode when he is witness to Lena Sayers falling in the desert after her first encounter with Schwartz's android M-9. He subsequently rescues her and takes her back to his camp where, one or two misunderstandings notwithstanding, they develop a bond. Lena's associate Miyu arrives and entrusts Shiro with a new GEM for Lena, the Blue Sky Sapphire, given to her by Lena's mother in Galleria.

He later transports her to rendezvous with Bruce Blan de Windbloom, Lena's Master and their allies and receives a peck on the cheek in thanks for his efforts - before Bruce puts a gun to his head and proceeds to briefly interrogate him about what has transpired between Lena and himself.

Shiro is seen at the end of the third episode tending to Miyu's wounds, which she sustained in battle against M-9 aboard the Schwartz vessel.

It has been suggested that, due to similarities between the pair, as well as Lena's affectionate goodbye, Shiro was the father of Arika Yumemiya. Arika's father is never mentioned in the Mai-Otome animeverse. He is said to be Rad/Reito in the manga, a character presented in 0~S.ifr~ as Shiro's younger brother and six years Lena's junior. Indeed, the viewer's first sightings of Arika and Shiro show them arrayed in markedly similar garb.