Shizuru Fujino
MH Shizuru
Character Information
Age: 18
DOB: December 19
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 46 kg
Blood type: AB
B/W/H: 85/57/82

Shizuru Fujino (Japanese: 藤乃静留, Fujino Shizuru) is a popular character in Mai-HiME and Mai-HiME Destiny. Her voice actresses are Naomi Shindou (Japanese) and Melanie Risdon (English). A character of the same design, Shizuru Viola, appears in the Mai-Otome series.

Mai-HiME anime Edit

The ever-graceful Shizuru is the Student Council President at Fuuka Academy and is often seen sipping tea in the student council room. She speaks with a Kyoto accent and her vocal manner is somewhat playful.

She is a close ally of Natsuki Kuga, allowing the younger girl use of the Student Council's computer in order to look up information relating to the HiME. Extra material from the series states that Natsuki's desire to research this material and her belief that the Student Council's computer was able to access secure files were the major factor in Shizuru's decision to stand for the Presidential election, which she won handsomely over her challenger and rival Haruka Suzushiro, who derisively refers to Shizuru as that bubuzuke woman, refering to her accent and penchant for tea.

Indeed, in the first half of the series, she is most often seen in the Student Council Room sipping tea, usually in the company of her Vice President Reito Kanzaki. During Natsuki's information-gathering visits, Shizuru treats her with a great fondness and tenderness, which doesn't seem overtly reciprocated by the blue-haired girl. One of Shizuru's few forays out is a very brief visit to the "shrine of love" where she places a ribbon, seen by Yukino Kikukawa.

Later in the series, it is revealed that her unrequited love for Natsuki and the manipulations of the Obsidian Lord have caused her to become more and more unbalanced. She appears to protect a temporarily disabled Natsuki against Nao Yuuki, who is carrying on a vendetta against Kuga. Shizuru's Child is a large, purple hydra-like entity called Kiyohime and her Element takes the form of a naginata. She quickly dispatches Nao down a cliffside before taking Natsuki back to a place owned by one of her tea ceremony students.

At the house, her silhouette is seen by Yukino. Shizuru destroyed Yukino's Child Diana, which causes Haruka to disappear. However, Haruka, displaying considerable bravery, still manages to walk forward to headbutt Shizuru, grazing the Presidential cheek and causing her to rock backward and lose her shoe. Natuski is captured by Nao again, who is finally defeated when Shizuru catches up, having been manipulated by Obsidian Lord to destroy the leaders of the First District organisation which Natsuki had been wanting to destroy.

She is eventually stopped by Natsuki, who causes her Child Duran to destroy Kiyohime and allowing Shizuru to fade away being hold by her beloved Natsuki.

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