Zipang is a state in Mai-Otome. Zipang is located in the extreme east of the main continent in the anime and appears to be based on Tokugawa-era Japan.

Zipang is ruled by a shogun and maintains few relations with the rest of the world, a similar ethos to Japan's Sakoku (鎖国) concept during the Edo bafuku. It is noted for having no Otomes, although a princess of Zipang, Mai-Tokiha once attended Garderobe before disappearing in the Sprites' Forest, allegedly torn between duty and love. Instead of Otomes, Zipang utilises warriors akin to ninjas, epitomised by Akira Okuzaki, personal aide and minder of the heir-apparent Tokiha Takumi no Kami Tadayori.

Breaking with its isolationism, after intervention by the First Column, Sara Gallagher, Zipang sends aid to Aries in the form of materials Aries had previously obtained from Lutesia Remus as Aries prepared to confront Artai's attempts at world domination through use of the Harmonium.